prioritising honesty, integrity, and radical transparency

Visionary Approach

Bridging financial and natural resources with key stakeholders,
working with them holistically to promote true economic growth
without environmental or social degradation.

About Greenbury

Since 1995, Aida has played key roles at the largest plywood, forest plantation, pulp and paper and trading companies in Asia, focusing on natural resources, supply chain, sustainability, risk management and climate finance strategies. She was the Managing Director of Sustainability at Asia Pulp & Paper Group for 13 years before she resigned in 2017, continuing to be the advisor to the shareholders of the Group until 2019. She led the global company’s efforts to shift to a new, responsible business model based on zero-deforestation.

In 2014, she co-founded Belantara Foundation, a non-profit that works with public and private sources of funding to restore and protect 1 million hectares of forest landscapes. Aida is an Advisor to the High Carbon Stock Approach, which published the only global methodology for the implementation of zero-deforestation commitments to support international efforts such as the UN New York Declaration on Forests and the Sustainable Development Goals. She was the Chair of the Private Sector Roundtable of the Asia Pacific Rainforest Partnership, established by the former Minister of Environment for Australia at the COP21 in Paris in 2015, spearheading public-private cooperation to save rainforests in the Asia Pacific region.

Aida has been a prominent contributor to, and thought-leader in, global media and events such as UNFCCC COP, the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Open Science, the Bioeconomy Forum, addressing issues such as: the importance of transparency to safeguarding the economic and environmental gains made by global economies along with the need for standards & mechanisms for environmental protection, inclusivity and carbon reduction to be embedded into the global trade and financial systems.

After years of work on jurisdictional approaches on climate change issues in Indonesia, Aida served as the Climate Change Envoy for the Indonesian province of South Sumatra in 2017-2018. In 2017, she was also granted a position on Mongabay’s Advisory Board, a global award-winning non-profit environmental reporting platform.

Aida has been appointed the role of Senior Expert to the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) in 2017, Advisory Board member of the Finland-based World Bioeconomy Forum in 2018, and Advisor for Marubeni Corporation’s Responsible Supply Chain program in 2019. Aida joined the APCO’s International Advisory Council in 2020.

Aida has been recognized in the Top 50 Power List at Pulp and Paper International, Top 100 Influencer and Top 100 Communicator by the Holmes Report a multitude of times.

Greenbury continues to go about her work as managing director of sustainability for [the largest forestry, pulp & paper company] with bullet proof enthusiasm & with the heart of a lion. She has almost singlehandedly taken on the role of steering the Asian giant through sustainability issues that would make most industry executives' hair & teeth fall out. This year all the hard work paid off with the recognition from the NGOs that was earnestly sought after the company very publicly announced an end to all natural forest clearance.

The RISI Top 50 Power List, Pulp & Paper International


We observe and analyze the environment to support and guide key stakeholders in the landscape, including governments, NGOs, international agencies, private sectors, and community representatives, to build a solid strategy to achieve responsible green growth and investment.


To be the bridge between financial and natural resources and key stakeholders, and to work with them holistically to promote true economic growth without environmental or social degradation.

Core Values

To prioritize honesty, integrity, and radical transparency

To understand the equal importance of economic development, environmental protection, and community welfare

To think in the big picture and have a clear understanding of the impacts of our actions

To emphasize the significance of data, baselines, and global definitions and methodologies to achieve consistency

To continually promote zero deforestation as an achievable and essential goal

Recent media coverage

Greenbury has been a voice for conservation both within APP and within corporate and regulatory Indonesia in general for many years

Aditya Bayunanda, forest commodity leader, WWF Indonesia, told Eco-Business.

(19th May 2017)

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